Barbara Antinoro


Self-Taught Artist living in Margate

Born in Turin, Italy

Abstracts, mix media, photography

Even thou I have been playing with Paint and Canvasses all my life I increasingly dedicated my time to Self-Expression and painting since being made redundant in in 2015

I suddenly had a great opportunity to use my time to recover from Stress and I found myself in the perfect frame of mind which fuelled my creativity. The frame of mind I am talking about was initially muddled and confused. I was struggling with myself and the World around me.

How to Invest my Energy? What direction shall I take? What are my Strengths? How Will I make A living? Do we Work to Live? Or do we live to Work? What determine a valuable contribution to society? What shall I do and how can feel happy doing it?

I felt rather frustrated and disappointed perhaps a bit lost … overwhelmed by self-imposed Limits and barriers but also the pressure I felt was coming from particulars structures that seem to be so essential in order to be part of our Modern Society. To fit in, to be recognised, to be validated, I felt I needed to let go and free myself from a lot of garbage information, attachments and delusion I was carrying around. I always suffered from Anxiety and Panic Attacks since a very young age and not for the first time in my life I found myself at Breaking Point, I didn’t really know how to move forward, all I knew is that there was not going backward and I absolutely didn’t want to repeat the pattern I adopted in the Past in order to “survive” and “fit in” which was neglecting my Heart’s Desires. Time to be Courageous and take some risks. The Breaking Point soon revealed itself to be the Spring Board for Something New and the anxiety a natural Fear to Embrace the Unknown, the New, the unexplored land, the journey without map, a manual or instructions, only armed with my intuition and my Desire to Grow and Transform Pain into Power.

Most of My Work Is an Expression of that Desire to break through the inner limits and Barriers and Explore Beyond what we believe is possible, what we think is realistic…. What others think is best for us…And Learn How to trust our inner Compass, Our Intuition and The Limitless Possibilities Contained in our lives and in the Universe. Every Piece has been a Journey of Self Discovery, an expression of the inner travelling through the layers of my Experiences, my superficial perceptions of myself and the World and into My Heart and in the depth of the Essence of my Existence and my connection with the Whole Picture or the Universe.

Giles Harvey Evers


March 19th 1962 – December 19th 1997

Giles studied art in London at Byam Shaw & then Heatherley then moved to Corsham School of Art to study a degree in fine art which he didn’t complete due to illness & a self harming episode in 1983. Giles was taught by the artist Michael Simpson at Corsham.

He then moved to London after a 6 week trip to Mexico to paint in the family home in West London in the early 1980’s. At this point he developed the early stages of schizophrenia at a point when he moved into a new home in Kennington with his brothers Jason & Sasha In 1986.

This made creating art work much harder as he started spending time in mental institutions in Tooting at St George’s & at the Maudsley in Denmark Hill.

After giving up work & being repeatedly arrested for just walking around his favourite parts of London in his own world it was decided that Giles would be happier & more settled if he moved nearer his mother in Mid Wales. At Shelton in Shrewsbury & in Llanfyllin Workhouse Community, Powys he kept diaries, drew sketches & wrote poetry & met Carol Doddington who became his wife in 1993. Due to the medication he was prescribed he became less able to paint so wrote more & played the harmonica whenever he could. Giles loved 60’s & 70’s music & films.

In 1995 he became a father to Paloma Francesca Evers who is now an artist in her own right.

In 1997 Giles went out for a walk & never returned, four weeks later he was found dead in the river Usk, near Careleon in South Wales. This show has been curated by his brother Jason with help from Dean Stalham.

Giles brother Jason (Evers Wisteria) is very grateful to Dean Stalham & Carlotta Allum for helping make this show possible through Stretch.

Jose Fonseca


Jose Fonseca is a multi-talented, dual-nationality artist born in Brazil, whos long lasting passion for art has been a large part of his life from an early age and as a student at SENAC Academy in Brazil.

As an adult, his work was mostly carried out on walls and ceilings of commercial buildings while working as an artist and commercial interior decorator. Jose migrated to UK in 2004, with his two sons also in search of his ancestors. Jose first based himself in Manchester, working as a chef and carrying his passion for art forward as a hobby, as his name and status was at the time unrecognised in the UK.

In 2013, Jose Fonseca moved to Margate, an infamous artistic hub and a town he grew to love, where he revived his art career by putting his heart and soul into his artwork once again. Jose continues to work on his art and his limitless variety of mediums, with his specialties being painting, clay, furniture and sculpture. J Fonseca has dedicated his time into providing culturally rich artwork into a foreign playing-field, with his artwork being bright and colourful with confirmation from critics and artists alike. Jose Fonseca is showing his artwork for the keen eyes of art lovers and artists who share similar views.

Mark Downing


Mark Downing is a self taught painter who works mainly in oils. Born in 1962 he grew up in a council estate in North Wales and was lucky enough to be 15 when punk rock changed the face of Britain for ever. He has had many jobs; art dealer, father, curator, French polisher, musician, antique dealer and furniture maker. For nearly 30 years he has had an on going struggle with depression, anxiety, ADHD, alcoholism and addiction, not always coming out on the winning side.

Mark has been in Margate 9 years and found some stability in a business partnership with  Heidi Rogers and Joseph Swales enterprises. His influences include; Joe Strummer, Miles Davies, Throbbing Gristle, David Bowie, William Gibson, Art Brut, Dirk Bogarde and Bonnie and Clyde.

Greg Bromley


Bromley is a mixed media artist working mainly with acrylic paints and ink, homemade collage, oil pastel and pencil on canvas. He takes his inspiration from his love of science fiction and world mythology; Bromley also attempts to imbue his work with his fractured understanding of Quantum physics and cosmology. Furthermore, Bromley’s work considers the internal battle between ego and self, depression and anxiety. Many of his creations purvey both humour and darkness with his creatures being recognisible yet warped in some way.

Bromley is currently pursuing his art work fulltime after taking some time out from his career as a qualified social worker. Bromley has experienced a number of bouts of depression and anxiety throughout his career, and like many ‘outsider artists’ feels that his artwork is a means of expressing his feelings, and experiencing the comfortable meditative flow.

Bromley recently jointly exhibited at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, with the established Outsider artist Scottie Wilson. Prior to this exhibition in Bradford, Bromley will be attending Manchester art fair and will be featured on two stalls. Bromley sends many works to France, Canada and USA mainly due to his online presence. Bromley has also been featured by Raw Vision magazine both in print and through their social media.

Greg’s work is for sale please contact the artist on for a price list

Damian Le Bas


In the past years Damian has worked extensively with maps and cartographies. These he subverts with his drawing, painting and collage style converting the contours, boundaries and border lines into faces and figures. Damian’s maps explore the character of the Gypsy community – a people without a nation state – and the fluctuating condition of national and ethnic lines due to economic, political, territorial and armed conflicts. They explore his conviction that as human beings we all go back to the earth and the earth belongs to all of us. The maps question ideas of nationalism, belonging and identity and symbolise an ongoing conversation about these phenomena.

Damian Le Bas is a cross practice artist he lives and works in various locations across the U.K and Europe. He has exhibited internationally including Venice Biennale 2007, Prague Biennales 2005 & 2007, The Third Edition Of The Project Biennial Of Contemporary Art D-0 Ark Underground Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015,  Goteborg International Biennial For Contemporary Art Extended 2015

Delaine Le Bas


Woven in the spaces in between their voices and legacy remain. On the fringes of the landscape, in the spaces in between. Their voices and practices muffled by the majority who do not wish to hear them or see them but they survive, across centuries, across millennia, still here. Survivors from persecutions centuries old, currently practised. In between the bold symbols, flags, the hysteria of nationalism, the hatred of racism, the uncomfortable truths of the fabrics of the lands. These old outsiders are still here to be damned and spat upon by the rest. Hear their protestations against the hissing majority, listen and look, their voices and images are rising..

Delaine Le Bas is a cross practice artist she lives and works in various locations across the U.K and Europe. Her works include mixed media installations, performance, films and photography. She has exhibited internationally including Venice Biennale 2007, Prague Biennales 2005 & 2007, Gwangju Biennale 2012,  Zacheta National Gallery Of Art 2013, MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Art Museum 2014, The Third Edition Of The Project Biennial Of Contemporary Art D-0 Ark Underground Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015, Off Biennale Budapest 2015, Goteborg International Biennial For Contemporary Art Extended 2015

Dean Stalham


Though a series of objects and films we would like to chart one former-prisoner’s attempt to break through the glass or ‘class’ ceiling and pose questions about whether or not it is actually possible in todays world. Dean Stalham has original scripts and letters from being first ‘discovered’ by the Koestler Trust in prison and becoming their media darling and ambassador to attempting to break through in a notoriously nepotistic world.  Despite numerous awards, Time Out featured, festival films entries and sponsorship from Arts Council England and The Royal Literary Society it seems impossible for Dean to get an agent, why?

Stalham, grew up on a council estate in Burnt Oak and left school at 15 with no O-Levels. He says he had “no conception of what art was” until serving a six-year stint in Wandsworth prison for handling stolen prints by Warhol and Dali. Stalham was one of 13 inmates (out of more than 1,500) allowed to take an art course. During the course he made a painting of Mickey Mouse in a Warhol style with the caption: “This is not Mickey Mouse.”
It was selected for inclusion in an exhibition of offenders’ art, an experience that changed Stalham’s life. “My first play I wrote in prison was performed by actors from the Royal Court in front of 200 inmates. Just the applause that I got was enough to say this is it this what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Stalham says. Since his release in 2006, Stalham has devoted his life to art. He founded the charity Art Saves Lives and introduced Billy Bragg’s band for former prisoners, Jail Guitar Doors, at Glastonbury.
He has had a film shown on Channel 4 and written several well-received plays, including 2010’s God Don’t Live on a Council Estate, 2016 Barred and currently touring Cellfies

“But once art’s in your life the world’s a better place. With art you can communicate, and if you communicate you share and the whole world opens up  to you. I know that it does work because I’m living proof of it.”