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Collection of work from Damian and Delaine Le Bas –
Damian and Delaine Le Bas were a bit part of the Outsider Art Festival 2016 when they were artists in residence and presented Frontier De Luxe and a series of artworks. We will be featuring some of the work in this display and also some projections from Delaine new work ‘Romani Embassy’ during the festival days.
Damian Le Bas passed away in December 2017 and has had number of retrospectives since, we are honoured to have a collection of his work and continue to support Delaine and their joint projects that stay so alive in our minds through their work.
In the past years Damian has worked extensively with maps and cartographies. These he subverts with his drawing, painting and collage style converting the contours, boundaries and border lines into faces and figures. Damian’s maps explore the character of the Gypsy community – a people without a nation state – and the fluctuating condition of national and ethnic lines due to economic, political, territorial and armed conflicts. They explore his conviction that as human beings we all go back to the earth and the earth belongs to all of us. The maps question ideas of nationalism, belonging and identity and symbolise an ongoing conversation about these phenomena.

Woven in the spaces in between their voices and legacy remain. On the fringes of the landscape, in the spaces in between. Their voices and practices muffled by the majority who do not wish to hear them or see them but they survive, across centuries, across millennia, still here. Survivors from persecutions centuries old, currently practised. In between the bold symbols, flags, the hysteria of nationalism, the hatred of racism, the uncomfortable truths of the fabrics of the lands. These old outsiders are still here to be damned and spat upon by the rest. Hear their protestations against the hissing majority, listen and look, their voices and images are rising..

Delaine Le Bas is a cross practice artist she lives and works in various locations across the U.K and Europe. Her works include mixed media installations, performance, films and photography. She has exhibited internationally including Venice Biennale 2007, Prague Biennales 2005 & 2007, Gwangju Biennale 2012,  Zacheta National Gallery Of Art 2013, MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Art Museum 2014, The Third Edition Of The Project Biennial Of Contemporary Art D-0 Ark Underground Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015, Off Biennale Budapest 2015, Goteborg International Biennial For Contemporary Art Extended 2015

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October 07 2018


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